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Areeya firmlybelieves in developinglife throughthe sense ofAestheticHere we support talents and creativities in favor of developing people and organization. Taking a firm stance in our principle to elaborate a quality of living and meaning of life to Communities.

As the business grow, so does our team, we are now searching for A person… full of innovative and initiative mind. A person… dares to challenge main stream for excellence. A person… equipped with energy and passion in working life.


Meet the
A Team

Apart from deep pockets,
people are the key to success in
the real estate development business.
วิศิษฏ์ เลาหพูนรังสี ประธานกรรมการและกรรมการผู้จัดการ
In working, I personally bet on
people, not the statistic not the
money. Thus, my best strategy lies upon
Hiring and developing people.
วิวัฒน์ เลาหพูนรังสี ประธานกรรมการอาวุโส